Born in Brazil, Made for the world! A little behind the scenes of We.

In July 2016, Antônio Silva, a visionary Brazilian, invited 3 friends to start in the digital currency market, with the idea of ​​creating a “club” to buy bitcoins and buy mining machines on a large scale, directly from the manufacturer, creating a “private pool” sharing profits and results in an easy, democratic and transparent way and thus transforming the world of cryptocurrencies giving us freedom.

Four friends got together: Antônio, Robert, Paulo and Maicon, and formed the “Clube HQ”, initially in the living room of Antônio’s simple house, and the work started with a long process of research and study about technology market which is dynamic and changes every moment.

At the end of this stage, and with great difficulty, mistakes and successes, the “club” grew, and became the largest cryptocurrency mining company in Latin America with mining farms spread across Paraguay due to the country’s low energy cost, with offices in Uruguay , Paraguay, USA and Germany, became the first cryptocurrency loyalty affiliate program in the world, with thousands of affiliates and a network of global partners that grows every day.


We realized that the world of cryptocurrencies was somewhat risky, insecure, and with a lot of change and misinformation. Only those who really understood the market operated on it, but we wanted it to be more enjoyable, safer and give everyone access. Therefore, the idea came up to create a platform that would share results, but that would lead everyone in the market as a “mentor” in a clear, true and objective way, without illusions. Like a friend who understands everything about the market, helping everyone step by step. Of course, if the proposal was really to help everyone, the platform needed to be named after everyone. It was then, in search of the perfect name, at a meeting, Maicon, one of the creators said, “We are all responsible for many people understanding the market.” There it was decided, there it was baptized.

We means "we" - all together.

All we got was with the help of all the people who believed in 4 broken people, no experience, no money, and wanted to change their lives and changed that of thousands of people around the world.


We’s story is not just written by its 4 creators, or its board, just as it is not only represented by formulas, hash, coins or machines. We are a team of thousands of people around the world, all dedicated to making We happen. And making We happen goes beyond helping people be safe. To make it happen is to create something simple, transparent, and that really offers the best products, with a lot of technology, but with humane, competent and profitable service.

We are the representation of a set of people.

Passionate people who build and live We every day.